What I did:

Keyword Bid Optimization Script

This is a script written in the Google Ads JavaScript API which automatically adjusts bids on keywords for marketers running paid advertising campaigns. The logic was worked out over the course of several weeks between me and the PPC advertising team, and code was written in short bursts, producing a working prototype each time. Once it was finished, this was slowly rolled out across our accounts, starting with one and moving to more once the initial test was successful.

Google Ads Reporting Script

This is another script written in the Google Ads JavaScript API which gathers metrics (clicks, cost, conversions, impressions) for the previous day and adds them to a Google Sheet. It's meant to be used in combination with a specifically configured spreadsheet.

The script continuously provides the past-30-days sum of each metric. This data can be used to calculate key metrics for tracking Google Ads accounts, such as click-through rate, daily run rate, and projected monthly spend.

Read more about this project here!

Drop-down menu

When I created this website, I knew I wanted to make it adaptable. From a common sense standpoint, it doesn't make sense for a website to only look decent on one size of screen when there are so many out there. But given how my nav bar works, resizing it turned it into two rows. I had a bit of a technical dilemma: I could write two hundred different use cases for where to put the little divider things so that they lined up evenly with the browser window size... or I could just code a drop-down. Understandably, I did the latter, which resulted in what I've got now.

When the user hovers over the "Menu" button, it changes color, and when the user clicks on it, a drop-down menu of links appears. If the user clicks a link, they are redirected; if they click outside the menu, it closes. (If you're on desktop, just make your browser window smaller to see for yourself!)

Simple art program

The AP Computer Science Principles exam is graded half on a multiple-choice test, and half on two projects. I chose to do my project in JavaScript, and I chose to create an art program.

The user can select one of a set of buttons at the top to create a certain type of shape. The user can then create shapes of different sizes and placements by clicking and dragging on the screen.

How I did it:

I learned most of what I know about JavaScript by messing around with it. I learned some things formally, especially the pieces of JS that have to do with creating interactive web pages, but the rest of what I know came from self-study and project-related trial-and-error.