Data Science and Machine Learning

I do machine learning and data science using Python and its various data science and machine learning related libraries, including TensorFlow, Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, SciKitLearn, MatPlotLib, Seaborn, and StatsModels.

I learned data science for a professional development project (PDP) before I began my Praxis apprenticeship, and I wrote weekly blogs over the course of learning these skills. Here are the blog posts:

Unfortunately, before I could finish this project (which was supposed to be six weeks long), I moved across the country. I plan to pick this back up whenever I find the time.

Read more about my Python projects here.

Web Design and Development

Speset homepage

I'm proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP. I hand-code in these using a number of IDEs, including Visual Studio and Atom.

I've personally designed and coded this website you're on right now, as well as

Learn more about my HTML and CSS skills and projects here.

Learn more about my JavaScript skills and projects here.

I learned web design and development from significant online self-study, including Free Code Camp; self-study using textbooks such as "HTML, CSS, & JavaScript Web Publishing" by Colburn, Kyrnin, and Lemay; and classes in both high school and college, including AP CSP, where I coded a JavaScript applet for my final project (and got a 5/5 on the AP exam), and several classes at CCAC (my local community college at the time), and a web development class (in which I got an A).

I am a certified Microsoft Technology Associate in HTML and CSS.

I am also a certified MTA in JavaScript.

Other Technical Skills


I hand-code in Java using the DrJava IDE. I'm experienced in creating GUIs by hand, and I've built the front end for an application using Java.

I’m familiar with general Java-specific and object-oriented principles such as classes, objects, and importing libraries. I understand the basics of the Java language, and can perform general programming functions in Java, including conditionals (for, while, if/else, recursive functions), working with arrays, and many GUI-related classes.

Learn more about my Java skills and projects here.

I am a certified Microsoft Technology Associate in Java.


I understand basic relational database structure, and am familiar with the basics of working with Microsoft SQL Server, including installing and configuring SQL Server, writing basic SQL queries including SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE, inner and outer joins, ADD and DROP commands for tables, and constraints. I've taken several courses from CCAC which included projects for designing and diagramming database structures and creating databases.

Learn more about my SQL skills and projects here.

Systems Analysis and Design

As the capstone for my degree at CCAC, I took a 10-week intensive course in systems analysis and design. In this, I learned about and did a number of projects on the systems development life cycle, scope statements, data flow diagrams, E-R diagrams, Gantt charts, relational database design, and installation types.

Learn more about my Systems Analysis and Design skills here.

Graphic Design

Speset header

Adobe Illustrator

I draw in Illustrator with a WACOM tablet or by sketching on paper and importing it.

I created in Illustrator all graphics for this website you're on now, as well as Speset.

I’m proficient with Adobe Illustrator, Creative Cloud, and WACOM drawing tablets, including making vector images, use of layers, use of color and design principles, and general proficiency with the Adobe environment and with a range of tools within Illustrator.

Adobe Indesign

I have basic layout and desktopping skills and page design skills for print and web, including page layout, margins, gutters, and preparation for binding.