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I am interested in working for a technology focused company as a marketing data analyst, business analyst, full stack web developer, SEO copywriter, technical writer, or machine learning engineer.

I have a little less than one year of full-time professional work experience subsequent to college, and four years of part-time work and internships during high school and college.

Marketing Data Analyst

I have been working as a marketing data analyst for a digital marketing firm for about a year.

Key Accomplishments

Identified an opportunity to improve efficiency in a critical workflow task and designed and wrote a script to automate this task, thus saving each PPC specialist 1-2 hours per day.

Conceived and built a PPC reporting dashboard that provides automated near-real-time reporting of key PPC metrics. This replaced a time-consuming manual process of reviewing each client's data each day with an at-a-glance dashboard. The manager of the PPC team has repeatedly expressed great appreciation for this application, including referencing it on my LinkedIn.

Key Skills

Business Analyst

I am experienced in working with a range of stakeholders to gather business and technical requirements and using this information to design effective solutions.

Key Accomplishments

While employed as an SEO specialist and data analyst at a digital marketing firm, I identified multiple opportunities to improve our internal processes and workflow. I took the initiative to identify and meet with key stakeholders and process owners, suggest improvements, get buy-in, and design and implement improvements that provided significant time and cost savings to the business.

While employed at a digital marketing firm, I was tasked with handling all aspects of a full website redesign for a client whose current web presence was minimal and ineffective. Met with key stakeholders including the client's executive team, their outsourced developers, and our internal marketing team to get an understanding of their business, industry, and goals for the website. Wrote a scope document for the project and developed and presented a design. Got approval for scope, design, and budget, and managed all aspects of the project through to completion.

While working as an intern at a small business administrative outsourcing firm, I was tasked with creating an initial draft of a simple website for a small client. I researched the client's industry, read the requirements document, and developed a draft design. My initial design was used as the basis for the final website, and I was asked to write the bulk of the copy for the site.

Relevant Skills

Full Stack Web Developer

I have experience with building websites leveraging full-stack web development technologies.

Key Accomplishments

While employed at a digital marketing firm, I was tasked with handling all aspects of a full website redesign for a client whose current web presence was minimal and ineffective. Handled requirements gathering, wrote a scope document for the project, created and presented a design with a new website architecture that optimized for user experience. Wrote or edited marketing copy for all 20 pages on the website, including creating 6 new pages. Integrated with Calendly (placed Calendly code on the Contact Us page, added custom fields and edited required fields) and addressed issues with several Wordpress plugins and edited Wordpress Shortcode to resolve. Managed third-party web developers and worked with them to correct various issues in their initial deliverable, including improving efficiency by lazy loading images, asynchronously loading JavaScript to improve time to first paint, and improving the user experience through menu design optimization.

While working as an intern at a small business administrative outsourcing firm, I assisted with the design and development of multiple micro-sites for very small businesses. I wrote the marketing copy for these websites, created and improved graphics and logos in Illustrator and PhotoShop, hand-built sites using HTML and CSS, and integrated third-party applications including Mailchimp and Google Analytics.

Relevant Skills

SEO Copywriter, Technical Writer

I write quickly, clearly, and persuasively. I have a strong background in software development and experience researching, writing, and editing high-impact, SEO-optimized content for a variety of channels. I also have experience writing easy-to-understand technical documentation and user manuals.

Key Accomplishments

Wrote a detailed, understandable user manual for a reporting script that allowed non-technical users to configure it without need for additional training.

As part of my job as an SEO specialist for a digital marketing firm, wrote 8-12 SEO optimized articles and blog posts per month for a variety of clients, typically with a Clearscope content grade of A- to A++.

Relevant Skills

Machine Learning Engineer

I am very interested in machine learning, and have taken several classes, including The Data Science Course 2019: Complete Data Science Bootcamp.

Key Accomplishments

While working as an SEO specialist in a digital marketing firm, saw an opportunity to provide better and more data-driven cutoff points and prioritizations by using K-means cluster analysis instead of doing this more subjectively in Excel.

As a project for a data science class, wrote a neural network to categorize the MNIST dataset of hand-written numerals.

Relevant Skills